Sustainable Investments

Have you ever heard of Grass-fed Coins?

The past decade has seen an increasingly interests in building a sustainable investment model to address the persistent environmental challenges globally. With the world pledging to achieve net zero by 2050, an innovative approach to financing is needed.

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a central criteria for the future of the blockchain industry. Achieving a cryptographic mechanism that is not only effective, but also efficient is essential to further expand the use of blockchain based cryptocurrencies. To analyse the energy consumption of a particular cryptocurrency, it is necessary to inspect its process of creating and maintaining blocks of information.

How the users of that currency have agreed to record and validate the information contained in each block of the distributed database.

This is precisely the process that the new green cryptocurrencies want to rethink in order to reduce their disproportionate energy consumption.

How will we create an even more accessible, fair and sustainable system than traditional government controlled currencies?

Now we’re talking Grass Fed coins.

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